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Please take a moment to reflect on the following research ECWS Consulting Pty Ltd recognises the changing trends in shopping. Recent  studies have found that over one third of shoppers with Internet access are making fewer trips to local stores and malls. Internet users are responsible for 60% of the buying power of the total  population. 47% of buyers are using the Internet to research products before making major purchases and 71% of Internet users say they regularly or occasionally go online to find out about products to purchase online and off. (Source: Greenfield Online, Shopping 2000, AOL/Roper Starch Cyberstudy, 1998) In the U.S. Online sales are projected to grow to $30 to $70 billion by the year 2002. Forrester projects growth of online sales to go from $10 billion in 1998 to $70 billion in 2002. recognizes that in this projected growth is an opportunity to once more experience the "The Dream". People can start or expand their own business through Devonport
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