The First Aid Centre of Tasmania   provides First Aid Training and reaccreditation in Tasmania. Workplace Level 1 and Workplace Level 2 First Aid Training is offered statewide. Industrial First Aid, Child Care First Aid as well as specialist Corporate First Aid Training are our specialty.  


First Aid Courses Tasmania

First Aid Courses

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First Aid

First aid has been proven to be a vital component in workplace safety and The First Aid Centre of  Tasmania is committed to ensuring access to First Aid training by providing courses at times and locations to suit industry and the public alike.

The First Aid Centre of  Tasmania ,(in association with an approved RTO) can deliver a range of first aid courses from a number of nationally accredited training packages and relevant state approved first aid courses in a flexible manner designed to be convenient and efficient for your organisation.

That means we can organise courses to fit in with staff shift rosters and daily operational requirements.

All of our first aid courses provide the necessary skills for your staff to respond to common emergencies in the workplace in a safe, timely and efficient manner.




Reasons to do a First Aid Course with the First Aid Centre of Tasmania:

Personal attention is a focus - Class sizes rarely exceed 10 people. The norm is a class group of 7.  This means you get more time with our Course Leader.

Nationally accredited training courses in Level 1 First Aid, Level 2 First Aid, Childcare First Aid, CPR, Defibrillation and Advanced First Aid Skills

First Aid Training in Tasmania


Ensure that you are the First to Introduce the "Chain of Survival". (World research demonstrates that  "....Where the Chain is Strong, Resuscitation rates can exceed 80%") in your TEAM

First Aid Training Courses can be tailored to suit your group or work team. Use this to reinforce OHS and Workplace Safe approaches all within Nationally Recoginised qualifications.

Learn all about why the  NEW CPR combined with "The Chain of Survival" can save more people from Cardiac Arrest


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